Often I hear people say "I'm not political" or "this organization has no political affiliation". It almost sounds like a badge they wear.
Please believe me when I say I understand the need to retreat from the world for periods of time in this life. However this retreat needs to be temporary if you care about the future of your environment and generally, the conditions with which you live. 
Society requires management and that is the political world. If you stay disengaged, the people who are power hungry, aggressive and usually not the best stewards get their way, and you end up with the spoils of their power grab. 
If you've been out of the loop it can take time and effort to get up to speed on issues. But the world needs you to at least be watching the turn of events, and then to speak your opinion and stand for it with some conviction. You don't have to get your ego all in a bunch, but stand up and be counted. 
It's not "spiritual" to be disengaged. If you're well, you owe it to yourself and the kids to help plot the future of your world. We need you to vote.
The environment, human trafficing, education of the children, healthcare, the use of our military, who becomes president and other issues need your weigh in. I implore you, become as informed as you can and speak up! On Fbook share the posts you agree with. Read, watch, share. SHARE IT!
Dare to care! Challenge yourself at the next "spiritual" level to care, speak and act, without ego attachment to outcome. That's the way of the peaceful warrior.

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