What happens when we praise God? We must believe God doesn't need our praise. So how does singing praises to Jesus or Krishna, Hanuman, Mohamed, Shiva etc have such a profound effect on so many people? 
Being a devout skeptic of all psychic and spiritual phenomena I look to my own experience to come to terms with this question. I know, see and feel more deeply than to be able to dismiss the happiness people achieve through praise as mere denial or anything so superficial. Relationships improve, personalities mellow, professions soar, wisdom and empathy improves, fears subside. How does it work?

I refuse to chalk it up (without a fight) to the actual intervention of an external ethereal being who gives a shit that you sang it's name. And perhaps there's the answer. Maybe there are no external beings. 

Maybe, and for some odd reason this works for me...Maybe the God we praise with such reverence is truly who we are. There's always so much power in telling the truth. Maybe in taking time to honor the God we are we empower ourselves, to be better people, more successful and happier. The Jesus in us. The Ram and Sita in us. The Hanumaninus smile emoticon 

For a time, we put our neuroses aside and tell the truth of our perfection. The creator, the nurturer and the destroyer in us is given space to be and express, to manifest our truest and deepest desires.

Maybe, in the most effective prayers we're not wanting to plead to a source outside of us to come rescue us. Maybe the most potent prayers are the ones where we remember the truth of who we are and the power we can unleash from that place.


Kelly January 19, 2016 @05:23 pm

I played your Hannumata over and over today and it surely helped me find peace...

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