I know my job... To bring light to the darkness. And it is my intention even with this dark post. Don't read any further if you feel weak this morning.
She said: "...: that whole take from the rich and give to the poor thing is bullshit. If you feed people they will stop trying to feed themselves."
She's against Dodd Frank and is also aware of the banks evil deeds leading up to the 2008 collapse. She Likes Ted Cruz and has had an illegal abortion. Has said she'd vote for Trump over Hillary. It's as baffling as anything. 
I want us to find a way into this Fox mental fortress. Love melts fear but when love knocks on this door it isn't met with the fear that constructed the fortress. It's met with the locked door. The door and walls were built from fear but are no longer fear. They've hardened into something else it would appear. Like cement is no longer liquid once cured. I fear that it will take some kind of violence to bring them to be in touch once again with the fear that built those fortresses. Once they see their walls crumble, and what they thought was protection ineffective, they will again be vulnerable to truth. 
It will get worse before it gets better. They're expert wall builders and they want others to pay for the wall. 
So in the meantime I'll just be singing and playing my guitar for the One we're all a part of. For the One that knows this is all perfect because in the end we're all just walking each other home. Love and peace.

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