This may not be the uplifting thing you need today :-)

There is a leap of faith required....

Society requires management and that is the political world

I felt the crunch of time and knew i had to act fast. Gillian saw the contracted scrunch of my face and darting of eyes as I began to seek from the ethers the first thing that needed doing.  Do you want to meditate on it? She asked.

What happens when we praise God? We must believe God doesn't need our praise. So how does ....

....are to be used carefully, sparingly. They call it an F "bomb" for good reason.

The ego of an individual dedicated to service is fed by the quality and quantity of service delivered.

...the "miracle" is that we have the power in our hands...

When less is more, how much less is the most you can get?

...the longer I live the deeper I sense.

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