A Muse in Grace

by Rick Franz

Released 2015
Muse Swoon
Released 2015
Muse Swoon
Danceable devotional Sanskrit mantras set to original modern music with some upbeat, silly, funny English songs.
I’m told these mantras have been chanted for centuries
by millions. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. :-)
The music to which they’re set herein is composed,
arranged, recorded and performed by me except:

Bolo Bolo Submila Bolo originally took shape as an improvisation with
Dave Stringer, Patrick Ritchie, Joni Allen and myself,
though I have altered the chord progression substantially.
The lyrics to Great Spirit are a rewrite by Anne Stanwick of The Lord’s Prayer.
When she shared it with me, I was compelled to put it to music.
Of course I have to credit George Harrison with
for providing the musical framework/springboard for Omg!
Bum Bum Bola arrived as a party song improvised by Steve Bross
and myself. I believe it originates in some similar form
from The Art of Living Institute.
Many thanks to the great singers who accompanied me on this project:
Anne Brisnehan, Cheryl Chaffee, Kali Fortin, Taji, Sarah Mesmer,
Reggie McCullough, Druba Gosh played the sarangi on Shiva Namaha
John Leisenring performed the trombone solo on Love Loves Love
Ganesha Sharanam is dedicated to the memory of Hari Bhajan Kaur. This may be the last recording of her angelic voice. We sat in my living room with one microphone set up and recorded the first minute or two of Ganesha Sharanam. It was a rehearsal. I never saw her again.
Everything good to all of you
With love,

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